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mosquitoes: mosquito removal and control

Mosquitoes in Florida

Mosquitoes not only bite and leave one itchy and uncomfortable, but they can also spread viruses and diseases

Mosquitoes are attracted to areas where there is stagnant water. For this reason, it is vital for property owners to be aware of where water may be accumulating on their properties. 

Prevention is the best key to keep mosquitoes away and to keep humans and pets safe. However, mosquito infestations do happen easily and can be happening beyond the human eye. This is why it is essential to have a mosquito prevention and maintenance plan in place. If not, it is critical to call a professional mosquito control company right away if you feel you may have a problem.

5 Viruses & diseases transmitted by Mosquitoes

mosquitoes: mosquito removal and control, zika virus
mosquitoes: mosquito removal and control

Sources That Attract Mosquitoes

  • Small streams where water flow is minimal
  • Ponds where runoff water accumulates and becomes stagnant
  • Holes in trees
  • Clogged gutters and downspouts
  • Open cans and jars
  • Abandoned swimming pools
  • Boats with still water within
  • Old tires that collect and retain water which is more common than thought

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South Florida Mosquito Problems

Professional Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are definately a nuisance especially when you just got home from a long day at work and have been long awaiting relaxing outdoors. Whether it be in your own backyard, at a park or elsewhere, no one wants to be irritated by mosquitoes. 

But beyond the irritation, we certainly do not want to get a disease or virus which can be deadly. 

If you have a residential or commercial property it is crucial to take the necessary steps needed to STOP mosquitoes. The Pest Wildlife Pros, team of experts are here to do just that.