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Bats in florida

The Brazilian free-tailed bat is the most common bat in Florida and is found throughout the state excluding the Keys. If bats become a nuisance for you, the most effective means of permanently getting rid of bats is through professional bat exclusion services.

Bat exclusion services are conducted by using a one way device at the locations where bats might emerge from the roost.


Are Bats Hard To Get Rid Of?

Bats most commonly invade attics, they can easily make their way inside your insulation, vents, and crawl spaces. Over time, bats can slowly destroy the walls and foundation of your home which is why it’s important you consult a professional who is licensed in Bat exclusion services.

Don’t try and remove the bats on your own because they carry many different possible diseases and can even bite. For professional bat exclusion services give the experts at Pest Wildlife Pro a call today!

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South Florida Bat Problems

Professional Bat Removal and Control

Have you noticed an unusually large number of bats near your home or commercial property? Do you think you have a bat problem?

Do not wait, get in touch with Pest Wildlife Pro, LLC to have them removed quickly, efficiently and safely.