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bees: bee removal and control

Bees in florida

In Florida alone, their over 300 species of bees. Their are your honey bees and native bees. 

Bees do have benefits. They are important pollinators, however, their sting can be extremely dangerous to those who are allergic. Bees such as carpenter bees cause damage to structures by drilling circular holes to construct tunnels inside wood. 

If you suspect a bee colony on your property, do not attempt to get rid of it on your own. Their are certain times and techniques that are vital for the safe and effective removal of them.

Honey Bees


  • They are eusocial.
  • Their colonies are built out of wax honeycomb.
  • Thousands of honey bees live within one colony.
  • Produce massive amounts of honey.
  • They are generalist pollinators.
  • They protect their colonies and their lives when feel threatened they sting.
honey bees; bee removal and control
native bees: bee removal and control

Native Bees


  • Native bees are generally solitary.
  • They live in narrow nests either below the ground or in wood cavities near the ground.
  • They do not produce honey.
  • They are often specific pollinators.
  • Native bees will only sting if provoked, handles or their lives are threatened.

A Few Native Bees in Florida

Bumble bees, carpenter bees, metallic sweat bees, southeastern blueberry bees, miner bees, otherwise known as digger bees, leafcutter bees, orchard mason bees, long-horned bees, and squash bees.

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South Florida Bee Problems

Professional Bee Removal and Control

Have you noticed an unusually large number of bees near your home or commercial property? Do you think there is a bee hive?

Do not wait until someone gets stung, get in touch with Pest Wildlife Pro, LLC to have them removed quickly, efficiently and safely.